Lightening Strikes Station and D.J.

It was hard to miss yesterday's fierce storms, and to help keep the public informed of any emergencies radio stations all over were hard at work during the drive home. Adventure Radio Group which runs seven stations in the Coastal Empire and Low Country was no different until they became part of the news, Adventure News Anchor Mark Conti says, "We're going along as always and all of a sudden the heavens open up and we've got thunderstorms going on and the next thing you know one of our producers got struck by lightening, at least through the control board."

Conti says the Gator 106.9 producer was shaken up, but knew the show must go on, "The trooper as he was, he tried to keep our listeners up to date on weather warnings and the whole time bolts of electricity were pulsing through his veins."

The paramedics came and he was okay, but the hit shocked the whole station. B.J. Kinard was in the middle of his afternoon drive show when the bolt hit, "I was doing my show and I was sitting here and nothing happens and everything just shuts down, the music, everything."

Shutting down a major source of information to drivers everywhere, some stations shut down for one minute, some up to forty-five minutes, Kinard says, "Up until that point we had done a good job of getting it (the storm information) out there we talked to Savannah Electric about 18,000 power outages, Palmetto Electric about Beaufort outages and then we got hit so we were a prime example that something was going on out there."

Luckily everyone was okay and the station was back on the air in less than an hour. As for the Gator 106.9 D.J. he worked last night and is back at work now.