Protecting Your Home Against Lightning

You never know where lightning will strike. The Ansley family certainly didn't. Last night during a storm lightning hit their Wilmington Island home setting it on fire. Today the family was busy salvaging what they could.

Earl Woods from Savannah Electric says fires caused by lightning strikes are not as rare as people think and there are certain things people need to know when it does hit.

"You can't touch anything electrical, and you can't touch anything in the plumbing fixtures," said Woods.

Fires caused by lightning have kept firefighters very busy the past few days. Savannah Fire Department's Matthew Stanley says he's surprised how little people know about the dangers.

"If homes don't have lightning rods, or they're not grounded properly lightning can go to them," said Stanley.

There is a sure way to protect your home and family and that's by investing in a surge protector. The device goes right on your meter. Savannah Electric installs the protectors for an additional monthly fee..but they say it's well worth it

"Surge protectors work if their good quality. You get what you pay for," said Woods.

Woods adds people think simply turning off electronics during a storm helps, but he says that's a common misconception.

"As long as it's plugged in it gets to us."

Reported by Hena Daniels: