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Rochelle Small-Toney supporters rally for her case


Several people met Thursday night at Litway Missionary Baptist Church in Thunderbolt to support Savannah City Manager Rochelle-Small Toney, who is being asked to resign.

On Wednesday, the city council held a workshop which turned into an executive session about the future of Rochelle Small-Toney's position. In that session, they decided to hold another meeting and a one-hour public comment forum on Oct. 4.

Last month, the City Council gave Toney 90 days to turn things around after issues of travel expenses procedures, bills being paid late and other issues arose.

Rev. Dr. Leonard Small says the city council asking Small-Toney to resign is an act of blatant racism. He says the city council is doing this as a response to bad press, and he would like to see them honor their previous words by giving her 90 days to turn things around.

Alicia Blakely of the National Action Network Savannah Chapter also attended the meeting, and she says even though more than half of the City Council is African-American, racism is still very much in play.

"All skin folk ain't kin folk, you have African-American folk especially in this city. They think they are better than others," she said.

Coincidentally, a group calling themselves "Concerned Citizens for Savannah" is calling for a recall petition on those council members Blakely is alluding to. Those members include Mayor Edna Jackson, Mayor Pro Tem Van Johnson, and Alderwoman Carol Bell.

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