Editorial - 10/1/12

For this Administration, seemingly energized by taxation water-boarding that'll dunk us in January, and committed to growth-inhibiting anti-business regulations, including the aggressive-war on progressive America's real enemy: fossil fuels.  And then the mega-millions in new spending, coming from that health law, sold as a cost-reducer, a fable, now painfully-known to be untrue.  For those guiding our morbidly-obese, federal government, what France just announced must have triggered tears-of-joy-and-envy. The Socialist government, there, has imposed a 75% tax on the very-wealthy, while tax-pummeled their successful-businesses as well, with no indication of spending cuts.

And now, that champion of socialism, the U.N., wants to impose new international taxes on prosperous nations, billions, to be redistributed to weaker countries, with graft and corruption guaranteed all along that yellow-brick road. Meantime, we in this land of diminishing prosperity and freedom await January's avalanche of new, punitive regulations and job-killing taxes, with none of the latter, likely to be squandered on debt- reduction.  In this sea of financially unsupportable foolishness, be reminded of  Margaret Thatcher's wisdom:  "The problem with socialism," said she, "is that, eventually, you run out of other people's money."  And that's exactly where we're headed.