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Fit Club: Exercise could reduce risk of cancer

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Most women would be willing to do just about anything to avoid breast cancer, a sometimes disfiguring, potentially fatal disease.

There is one way to significantly reduce your breast-cancer risk and it's as easy and strapping on your sneakers.

Need more inspiration to lace up? Studies show exercise can significantly decrease your risk of developing breast cancer.

"There is a lot of research out there on breast cancer reoccurance and prevention and the studies are showing by exercising women are reducing their chances of having cancer again," said Manager for Oncology Support Services at Memorial Health Jennifer Currin-McCulloch.

Just 30 minutes a day will help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by up to 40 percent. That can be anything from light walking to jogging. Dieting is also key.

"We also encourage folks to maintain healthy eating habits and try to eat fruits and vegetables and things that give them energy," said Currin-McCulloch.

Many of the benefits of exercise in breast-cancer prevention are also beneficial for women who have or had breast cancer.

"I think often times when people are going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy they are very fatigued and they also have a lot of difficulty doing daily activities, so what we want to do is encourage them to regain strength and energy they may have, and the smallest bit of exercise can help with that.

Overweight and obese breast-cancer patients have poorer survival rates than lighter-weight women. So the next time you want to skip the gym, remember it only takes 30 minutes of moderate activity to reduce your risk for cancer.

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