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Editorial Salute - 10-04-12

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Toward the end of the Vietnam War, almost 90% of those serving in the Halls of Congress were military veterans.  Today that figure is down to 20%.   Knowing the reality of what the Pentagon terms, "persistent conflict," meaning that today's combat in defense of freedom, will likely continue, perhaps on different battlegrounds and against different enemies, but, regrettably, it will continue. Making it vital, for our nation's future, that far more members of federal and state legislatures have direct-experience with  military matters, military reality.

Fortunately, across America, dozens of those men and women who've served in uniform, particularly from Desert Storm to the present, are today continuing their volunteer-service to America, now as equally-proud and dedicated civilians, by running for elective office.   

As reported at military.com, an Arkansas congressional candidate, who joined the Army in 2005, summed up his decision to run for office this way:  "Back then, it was an attack from a foreign enemy, and we were in an active war.  And now, we're in a debt crisis that threatens our future prosperity, and, therefore, ultimately our freedom."  Our great military veterans, from World War II forward, continue to serve our communities and country in so many valuable ways.  We would be a far-lesser nation without them.

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