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Community Spirit--Dr. Phillip Cooper

Hyperactive children is a scene that many parents know all too well. But did you know snoring could have something to do with this? According to a federally funded research study that tested more than 100 children in Kentucky, snoring can lead to hyperactivity and problems in school.

And now, Dr. Phillip Cooper is finding the same results in many of his patients right here in Savannah. "As we started seeing more and more patients with sleep apnea syndrome, we felt we needed to start asking the question, 'Does your child snore?'" he said. "Are they hyper and have problems in school? Do they sleep well?"

Todd Rhodes knows all about that. His daughter Tydeesha was a loud snorer.

"She wouldn't get a full night's rest," he told us. "She'd wake up, which caused her to be sleepy during class time, which caused her to not be able to focus on studies during the school."

Dr. Cooper referred Tydeesha to her regular physician, who sent her to an ear, nose, and throat doctor, then a sleep specialist. She was diagnosed with sleep apnea and doctors also removed her tonsils and adnoids.

"The first thing we noticed was she didn't snore and sleep through the entire night," Rhodes said. "Tydeesha went from doing okay and borderline in spelling to being a spelling champ in her class."

"It reflects on not only the medical, but the academic side, behavior in the long run, jobs, etc.," said Dr. Cooper. "It has to start somewhere. My objective is to make sure that every child begins the learning process with the ability to develop to their greatest genetic potential."

That's how Dr. Phillip Cooper captures the WTOC Community Spirit.

So far, Dr. Cooper has diagnosed about 15 of his patients with these problems. The parents who have followed through with the referrals have noticed improvements in their children's behavior and grades.

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