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UPDATES: 12-day journey to England, Scotland & Ireland

WTOC's Sonny Dixon and Craig Harney and residents of the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry travel to Ireland, Scotland and Ireland. Here are updates along the way.

OCT. 12

Even in Ireland you've gotta eat.

WTOC's group discovered Harrington's family restaurant in Dingle, County Kerry. It's said to have the best fish and chips in Ireland. On the way to the Dingle Peninsula, they traveled up single lane roads and took in some of the rawest and most spectacular views of the Emerald Isle.

They return stateside on Sunday.

OCT. 11

The gift of eloquence is what you're said to get from kissing the Blarney Stone.

So the WTOC group trekked up Blarney Castle on Thursday in County Cork - up the narrow 86 steps to the top and stretched backwards in the hope of permanently curing the foot in mouth disease that sometimes plagues us all.

Some of them were more excited about that than others.

"Ha ha, have you ever lost anybody? Craig Harney asked the man helping people reach the Blarney Stone. "Never yet - never lost one person," he said.

The tour continues in Kilarney on Friday.

OCT. 10

WTOC's Celtic journey made its way to the Irish countryside on Wednesday with a tour of the Irish National stud in county Kildare and a walk through the Japanese garden. It was a perfect day for tea and scones at a working farm where they were able to watch sheep dogs guiding lambs.

"We grew up in it and I suppose we like it too. It's outdoor life - not the best paying job - a good place to raise your kids as well," said Robert Power, an Irish farmer.

The group is in Kinsale now.

OCT. 9

WTOC's Celtic journey continued Tuesday in Dublin, Ireland where the group toured St. Patrick's cathedral built on the site where St. Patrick baptized the Irish in the fifth century.  Georgians and South Carolinians also got a lesson in the multi-colored doors which - once upon a time - were mandated to all be black under the laws of the British crown.

"So when the men went out at night they found it very difficult to find their way home so they decided that everyone should re-paint their door a different color," said Mary Mannix, a Dublin tour guide.

While they were downtown guess what - the ladies went shopping on Dublin's vibrant O'Connell Street.  WTOC have more on Wednesday from Ireland.

OCT. 8

Sonny Dixon's Celtic journey continued with a song in their hearts on Monday. 

"Across the Irish Sea" is where the group went from the lighthouse on Scotland to the shores of Ireland.

"Out here in the middle of the Irish Sea it doesn't seem so difficult. I mean, I can see Northern Ireland on one side and Scotland right over there. This is the sea my ancestors crossed hundreds of years ago, but I don't think they did it quite this easily," Sonny said. 

Once on Irish soil, the group toured Belfast, Nourre, saw the Cathedral of St. Oliver and is pretty sure to be asleep in Dublin right now, where it's a little after 11 p.m.

OCT. 5

Folks from Coastal Empire and Lowcountry are in Scotland along with WTOC's Sonny Dixon.

Day three of the Celtic journey took the 45-member group on a tour of Loch Ness. The visit comes after touring the Highlands of Scotland where a piper performed for the group. There were no Nessie sightings in the loch, but it was a beautiful day on the water.

On Saturday, the group heads for Edinburgh.

OCT. 4

They are referred to as Glaswegians. The WTOC tour group is soaking them up along with the beautiful scenery in Glasgow, Scotland.

They are on day two of a 12-day odyssey to England, Scotland and Ireland. Glasgow earned its reputation as a hardworking industrial city, but in recent years has transformed into one of the showplaces of Europe.

The group presses on to Edinburgh on Friday.

OCT. 3

The Coastal Empire and Lowcountry are representing in merry old England.

A group of 45 Americans got a firsthand look at the English countryside and Stratford Upon Avon - the birthplace of William Shakespeare earlier Wednesday. Sonny Dixon is leading the tour. They head to Scotland on Thursday.

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