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Despite verdict, juror convinced Brian Gale is a murderer


After nearly six hours of deliberation, a jury convicted Brian Gale Friday of involuntary manslaughter and contributing to the deprivation of a minor.

Gale faced murder charges.

Judge Jay Stewart sentenced Gale to five years in prison plus five years probation.

"I believe he is guilty as sin. I believe he put Daniel's head under the water," the victim's mother Susan Bennett said.

Bennett is convinced her ex husband killed the fifteen year old on a hunting trip two and half years ago.

But Gale insists he left the boy alone to find help after they got lost. Walking in shackles to a squad car, he told WTOC "I'm innocent."

"Justice is not served...but at least he is in jail. This is McIntosh County...that's the best I can expect," Bennett said after the verdict was read.

WTOC spoke with a juror from the trial who did not want her name used.

She said she is fully convinced Gale murdered Daniel...but she said she and others 'gave in' so there wouldn't be a hung jury.

"This was a very hard case to decide. The majority of us wanted to say he was guilty of murder," the juror said.

She says by Friday after three hours of deliberating, there were only two jurors left that wanted to convict Gale of murder.

The juror said in the end they all agreed on involuntary manslaughter so "it wouldn't all be a waste of time."

Daniel's mother says she's not satisfied with the verdict, but is happy the trial is over.

"I'll never move on from this. At least for five years the world will be a safer place. I hope for the next five years Brian thinks long and hard about what he did," Bennett said.

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