Voter registration picks up in Georgia, ends in South Carolina

Voter registration picks up in Georgia, ends in South Carolina

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Georgia voters have until Tuesday, October 9 to register to vote in the 2012 presidential election and here at the Chatham County Voter Registration Office voters are doing just that.

With Election Day only weeks away, voter registration is up across the state as voters prepare to cast their ballots in the November 6 presidential election.

Registration numbers from the Georgia Secretary of State's office show more than 36,000 people registered to vote between August and September bringing the total of registered voters in the state to 5.2 million.

Many voters are planning to vote for the first time.

"Since this is my first presidential election it's really important especially the young voters to come out because it's our future," said Jacob Awad.

Denise Heyward said "I'm 37 and I've never actually voted because I figured my vote didn't count this is history and it should matter now."

In Georgia early voting starts October 15.

If you haven't registered in South Carolina,  it is now too late to register for this election. This week the Palmetto State began offering online registration. You just need your driver's license or state ID card number.

However, both forms of registration had to have been completed by Saturday.

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