Editorial - 10-8-12

New unemployment applications, still over a million a month, with January's bunker-buster new-tax bomb guaranteed to make it even worse.   Now, the Labor Department has crafted a miraculous, pre-election, drop in unemployment, which would be great news, if the figure was true.  With only 114,000 net new jobs in August, economists from both sides cried foul. Seems much of the alleged lowering resulted from more part-timers, and more drop-outs, with the real unemployed, under-employed, and given-up, combo-number still stuck in double-digits. Confronted about validity, the Labor Secretary said she was "insulted." Actually, it's the American people who are insulted by this well-timed, fact-defying, phantom-reduction.   

Rather than invest in real job growth, mega-tax-millions have been squandered on now-bankrupt alternative-energies, most non-cost-competitive, and non-viable without Fed subsidies.  But no problem.  Big-Gov keep on turnin,' proud spending keep on churnin.'  The latest, a new, $1.3-billion vote-buying fund from the USDA, just for Hispanic and women farmers, claiming discriminatory-denial of Fed-assistance, from decades past.  Despite our cob-webbed Treasury vault, new, pre-election lucky-bucks magically-appear for targeted groups.  Seems no outstretched hands, of the momentarily-useful, elude the high-seas, high-jinks of the bribery-pirates.