New roofing plant brings jobs to Statesboro

New roofing plant brings jobs to Statesboro

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Roofing manufacturer GAF officially opened their Statesboro plant Wednesday, which will add 50 jobs to the local economy.

"This plant will produce our newest roofing material, ISO," explained GAF spokesperson Alyssa Hall. "It is a foam board that hardens in place to increase its R factor. It works on commercial roofs as well as residential."

Hall said ISO is more energy efficient than traditional insulation and roof coatings. Company representatives demonstrated its installation under a circus-sized tent outside the facility for nearly 200 visitors.

Hall said Bulloch County's Industrial Authority worked with state economic recruiters to bring them to Statesboro. The company moved into a building formally used by Wal Mart Distribution in the Gateway Industrial Park.

"The great thing is a company like this brings a ripple effect," explained Benjy Thompson, head of the industrial authority. "Not only do they bring jobs, but their raw materials will be transported in, including by rail. That brings more business to our economy too."

Hall said GAF was still filling some of the last positions for the start. For more information, visit

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