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Judge appoints lawyer for dog after attack

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For nearly a month and a half, an Effingham County dog named "No" has been locked up at Effingham County Animal Control.

The Sheriff's Office first said the dog would be put down, but now it will be up to Judge William Woodrum to decide No's fate.

Judge Woodrum appointed Springfield attorney Claude Kicklighter to represent No at a hearing later this month.

Investigators say the pit bull mix bit five year old Wesley Frye while he was over at a friend's house near Rincon.

The boy's injuries were so severe he can barely move one side of his face. He has already had plastic surgery and his mother says he might have another surgery in a year or so.

Wesley's mother says she is shocked the dog has a lawyer and a new chance at life...especially because she says the dog's owner wants the dog put down.

The two families are good friends.

According to the county's attorney, they're following a newly amended law that requires a hearing for a dog to be euthanized after it has been deemed dangerous.

The victim's family says they'll be at the hearing and they wil tell the judge the dog needs to be put down.

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