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Sample Ballot - Hampton County

View Hampton County contested races and local ballot questions.

County Council At Large

Two seats to fill. You may vote for two, less than two, but not more than two.

Chris Haulsee D
Roy Hollingsworth D

School Board At-Large 47 South

Three seats to fill. You may vote for three, less than three, but not more than three.

Elizabeth Manor Haynes - Nonpartisan
Lucius Moses Jr. - Nonpartisan
Daisy B. Orr - Nonpartisan


Must a special one percent sales and use tax be imposed in Hampton County (the "County") for not more than eight (8) years from the date of imposition to raise the amounts specified for the following purposes and in order to pay the coses (including rights-of-way acquisition and architectural, engineering, legal, administrative costs, and related fees) of the projects described below; pending the receipt of such sales and use tax, must the County also be authorized to issue and sell, either as a single issue or as several separate issues, general obligation bonds (the "Bonds") of the County in the aggregate principal amount of not exceeding and pledge the sales and use tax to be received to the payment of the principal of and interest on the Bonds?

$907,000.00 - Prepaying existing debt for Emergency Communication System;

$500,000.00 - Prepaying existing USDA loan for the renovation of the Estill Library;

$2,627,000.00 - Construct a New Health Department on current site;

$3,500,000.00 - Construct a Recreation Complex in the Hampton Varnville area to include baseball fields, gym, open areas, playground, etc.;

$2,500,000.00 - Renovate and enlarge the existing Council Library in Hampton;

$102,000.00 - Repairs to the roof of the Hampton County Detention Center;

$195,000.00 - Structural improvements to County Museum;

$20,000.00 - Improvements to the County Animal Shelter;

$100,000.00 - Improvements to the exterior of the County Administration Building;

$700,000.00 - Yemassee Multi-Purpose Building;

$150,000.00 - Improvements to existing Estill Recreation facilities;

$100,000.00 - Renovations to Estill Senior Citizens Center.


The maximum amount of net proceeds of the sales and use tax which may be applied to the playment of the principal of and interest on the County's general obligatioin bonds (the "Bonds") must not exceed $12,600,000.00 less administrative expenses of collection). The not exceeding $10,000,000 principal amount of Bonds to be issued shall be repaid from the net proceeds of the sales and use tax which shall be pledged for the repayment of the Bonds.

CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTION ON THE USE OF SALES AND USE TAX REVENUE COLLECTED UNDER THE CAPITAL PROJECT SALES TAX ACT: The capital projects sales and use tax shall be expended for design, engineering, construction or improvement of the capital projects listed above. Net proceeds of the capital project sales and use tax, if approved, must be expended for the purposes slated in the priority listed; provided, however that the order of funding of the projects may be adjusted on the basis of construction schedules or other events that may affect the schedule for any particular project; and provided that multiple projects may be funded simultaneously based on the formula or system contained in the ordinance enacted by the Hampton County Council which shall include, but shall not be limited to any one or more of the following: (1) to pay directly the costs of such projects; (2) to issue the County's general obligation bonds; or (3) to borrow, in a manner deemed advisable by the Hampton County Council, funds in advance of receiving the net proceeds of the one percent sales use and tax. The expenditure of revenues from the capital projects sales and use tax, if approved, shall be subject to acquisition of title, right-of-way, design and engineering considerations, environmental issues, the discovery of historic sites or endangered species, the receipt of necessary permits, funding of projects from other sources, bids in excess of project estimates, qualifications of bidders, cost overruns, exhaustion or insufficiency of net sales and use tax revenues to complete all projects in order and priority provided herein and other unforeseen circumstances and conditions. If net sales and use tax revenues are insuffient to fund completely all projects, the lowest priority project(s) will be fully funded. In such event, the lowest project(s) will be initiated only upon the condition of availability of funding from other sources to complete the project(s).

INSTRUCTION TO VOTERS: All qualified electors of the County desiring to vote in favor of imposing the tax for the state purposes and authorizing the issuance and sale of limited obligation bonds in connection therewith as outlined above and subject to the limitations electors opposed to levying the tax and issuing such limited obligation bonds shall vote "NO".


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