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Editorial - 10/15/12

Another D.C. fiscal-year over, another trillion-dollar deficit. That's four-years straight for that bankrupting achievement.  All ratcheting-up our  staggering national debt, as we've  become increasingly dependent on foreign nations accumulating our i.o.u.'s, while dependence on government  grows even more-so here at home.  Amidst our ballooning social welfare costs, is the alarming increase in food-stamp recipients, now almost 47-million of them, costing $75-billion a year.  Despite the escalating numbers,  the Feds are still aggressively-recruiting still-more enrollees, turning the intended short-term safety-net into long-term Fed-dependence. 

Truth is, like religion, self-reliance is the enemy of the ruling-elite, whose  power is secured by an obedient, dependent populous. Marxism is an equal-opportunity wrecking-ball.  It crushes individual initiative, spirit, freedom, and income, no matter one's class, top to bottom.  With only the politically-elite controlling the money, the myth of shared-prosperity erodes to shared-dependence, and ultimately, irreversibly, to shared-subsistence. 

Imposed collectivism has never been, nor is it now, the future Americans desire or deserve.  May the flame of liberty, that allows and inspires America's individuals to work hard, innovate, and achieve, burn brightly in our great nation, again, now and forever.   

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