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Mysterious substance found along Ogeechee River


The Ogeechee River has had its share of problems over the past couple of years. First, a massive fish kill and now a mysterious white substance has appeared on trees, logs, plants, and other things all along the river.

Bryan County resident Wayne Carney said, "It's worst than frustrating. I'm 59 years old now and I haven't been able to use that river for two summers now."

Carney's lived along the Ogeechee River for 30 years and said it's been quite the attraction for his relatives.

"My brother and his wife were down from Alaska and they enjoyed the river the last time they were here about eight years ago and this year it was an embarrassment to take them out there."

It was an embarrassment because while the group was boating, they spotted the white, crystalline substance all along the river.

Carney said, "I couldn't believe it. If you kind of hold it to the light and just move it back and forward a little bit it has a glittery property to it. I had a friend of mines tell me that's what formaldehyde looks like when it's in the end stages of breakdown."

The Georgia Environment Protection Division said King America Finishing wasn't directly responsible for the fish kill that happened almost two years ago and issued a permit so the company could continue dumping, with restrictions. However, the permit could always be taken away.

EPD Spokesman Kevin Chambers said, "The samples were found both upstream as well as downstream from King America Finishing. Until we know what it is, we couldn't even speculate on where it might have come from."

But Carney says he's positive the company is responsible for the disturbing discovery and wants something to be done.

"Something's got to change around here because this is a disgrace. We're now a laughing stock in Alaska even," said Carney.

EPD is investigating the white substance and says it could take a week for the results to come back.

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