Burns on Hussein Arraignment

Saddam Hussein appeared today in Iraqi court. During his 30-minute arraignment, he was read a list of charges he will face. Acting defiantly, the former dictator refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the court and refused to sign the paper listing all the charges against him.

There are seven charges in all, which include the murder of religious figures and gassing Kurds in the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. During a translated interview, Hussein called the Kurds dogs and said he invaded their country for the Iraqi people.

Now that Hussein is back in Iraqi custody, some Georgia representatives say they not only support the government's decision to return him to his own country, but they feel returning the former dictator will lessen his chances of survival.

"I think he really is more nervous now than he was in US or coalition custody," said Rep. Max Burns (R-GA Dist. 12). "I think he realizes the people he abused for decades now control his fate. That's got to be frightening for him and it should be."

The former Iraqi dictator's trial is expected to start sometime next year.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com