Editorial - 10/22/12

A 21-year old Bangladesh male, here on a student visa, turned Islamic radical, tried to blow-up New York's Federal Reserve Building last week, hoping to (quote) "destroy America."  After trying to set off a large bomb, he was arrested, as, thankfully, his plot-partners were undercover agents.  Although the bomb was a fake, his murderous intent was not.  This while we continue to play patty-cake with dark-age thugs, assuming they'll then play nice with us, and forget all about replacing our liberty and prosperity, with their repression and savagery.  Given the murdering al-Qaeda-affiliates in Libya, apparently terrorism really isn't on the run, as we've been told.

Our diplomatic policy, of late, has been delusional. The insulting notion that our exceptional nation is the source of all evil, as we persist in apologizing for imagined sins.  Blame America first, as with the CYA assertion that an obscure video, made here, triggered that Libyan attack. Perpetuated, then, by a policy of appeasement and denial.  Appeasement means weakness.  You appease the crocodile, so that, hopefully, you'll be eaten last.  Denial is our naïve-assumption that, if it ever did, radical terrorism no longer exists.  Think 9/11. To many other nations, we've traded our strength for their smirks, as both our respect and security have dangerously eroded.  It's time to resurrect this great beacon of freedom. Time to regain world leadership.  To speak , once again, from strength, not weakness. To reassert our proud traditions and love of country.  It's time to bring back our America.