Fit Club: Rx EliteFitness

Fit Club: Rx EliteFitness

RINCON, GA (WTOC) - There is a new gym in Rincon. It's goal to kick your butt!

Tracy Perryman is no stranger to the gym. She said that only now she's truly in the best shape of her life, even better than her days as a bodybuilder.

"I've been doing CrossFit for five months," said Perryman. "It's amazing. Takes my body to a whole different level.

Perryman is one of the original members of Rx EliteFitness in Rincon. A new gym that features CrossFit workouts. After seeing and feeling terrific results herself, the owner Darcy Giaquinto became certified as a trainer and decided to open her own gym to cater to the needs of the Rincon community.

"Rincon doesn't have a lot I offer outside the traditional gym. We felt needed to bring something into the community that would be different; something fun something to encourage community to come out an enjoy it," said Giaquinto.

When walking into the gym, you can see an intricate structure with bars and rings that provides gymgoers with a plethora of exercises, from pushups to jump squats.

Cross Fit workouts only last about 20 minutes if completed at a grueling pace, but for many, with stretching and post-workout activities, the entire experience lasts about an hour.

"It is much easier on your joints, and you don't have to worry when you stop working out that you are gonna lose all that extra muscle, you will just stay tone and fit," said Perryman.

Perryman said that for years she was a "gym rat," just working out because she felt like it was the only way to stay healthy and skinny.

"My endurance is better," said Perryman. "I feel better. I can run longer. I can do anything. It even helps me in my persona life."

After coming across CrossFit, her mentality changed. She said it is something she wants everyone - men and women - to experience for themselves.

For more details, contact Rx EliteFitness 912.295.2632 or email them at

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