Haircut of a lifetime

Haircut of a lifetime

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Nearly three years ago, the family of Freddie Mae Evans was rocked to the core when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. When she lost her hair and became somewhat embarrassed, her then 11-year-old great- grandson sprang into action the only way he knew how. He decided to grow out his hair so that it could be made into a wig for her. I was there as he went under the clippers for the first time in years. RayShawn Young has been waiting on this haircut for a very long time. This one will be the most important of his life. It's to honor, his great-grandmother, Freddie Mae Evans. She was his first love.

He told me while trying to hold back his tears, "It felt like she belonged to me. I miss her."

It broke RayShawn's heart when he learned that she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Chemotherapy took her hair.

He explained, "She wore this funny looking hat. It was like a little furry Russian cap. I thought it was kind of funny. She was always talking about how beautiful my hair was and how she would like some. So I decided I would give her some of my hair."

Tragically, she passed nearly two years ago, before RayShawn's hair grew long enough to  donate. He decided that he would continue to honor his great- grandmother by helping a cancer survivor he doesn't even know. His mother, Selecia Hall, was so happy when he told her his plan.

"It made me feel proud that he would do something like that."

He also inspired his mother to follow in his footsteps and donate her hair too. So on this special day, RayShawn and his mother are donating 13 inches of their hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients. It's a bittersweet day for the family though as they can only imagine how Miss Freddie Mae would feel.

RayShawn said, "I think she would be hugging me and she would be proud of me and I miss her."

"We want to be able to help somebody else because we know that there are a lot of people in the world that have lost their hair and I know it has to be very devastating to go around without any hair," added Selecia.

Thanks to this compassionate mother and son, at least two cancer survivors will not have to worry much longer.

Bursting with pride, their aunt, Cora Scott, said, "I praise God for those two who are giving back out of love!"

Both of them are donating 13 inches of hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program to be made into wigs for cancer patients. Rayshawn admits growing out his hair was not easy. His classmates teased him and pulled it, but he says when he was in pain and frustrated by the attention, he always thought of his remarkable great-grandmother.

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