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Editorial - 11/1/12

This past September 11th, four Americans, including our ambassador, were murdered by Islamic militants at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. First word: those deaths resulted from street-demonstrators angry about an obscure, YouTube video, made here. For days, that was the cover-story, even to the point of apologizing, and having its producer arrested to further sell the fabrication.  But then facts emerged. Shortly after it started, the government knew, in real-time, this was a deliberate terrorist attack.  The fire-fight lasted about 7-hours. Yet, despite repeated calls for military help,  and aircraft within reach, the order to assist was never given.  This failure to respond falls somewhere between avoiding embarrassment, after assuring us, post-bin-Laden, that terrorism had been vanquished, or the possible cover-up of weapons transfer from post-Gaddafi-Libya to Syrian rebels.  Regardless, as four U.S. civilians lay dead, D.C. stuck to its blame America  story, and the next day, the President left for a West Coast fundraising trip. 

Sadly, but expectedly, most of Big Media continued to push the video scam.   Worse, as the truth surfaced, the co-opted, media-types went AWOL, failing to report the real story.  Pat Caddell, former Democrat pollster, called those media to task, saying (quote):  "The very people who are supposed to protect our citizens with the truth, have become a fundamental threat to American democracy, and the enemies of the American people."  A strong rebuke, from a political insider, appalled by the actions of the cuddle-bunny, bunk-mate-media.  No question, over the past decade, we've witnessed the lingering-death of the dinosaur; the self-demolition of journalistic integrity, by much of our nation's now-irrelevant news-elite. 

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