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Ollie Steadman and Kenny Moore of Beach

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Ollie Steadman and Kenny Moore Ollie Steadman and Kenny Moore

Ollie Steadman and Kenny Moore are not only outstanding athletes at Beach High School. They are outstanding students as well and give back to the community.

Steadman plays basketball for coach Ronald Booker and she had gotten a lot out of that experience. "It's because he teaches us about responsibility as far as like going home and doing chores and in school, setting examples for our peers and letting them know how we should act."

Steadman is one of the top students at Beach High School.  She also plays basketball, volleyball and is on the track team where she throws the discus and shot put.  She says she uses her favorite subject of math to help her on the basketball court, "It kind or relates to basketball as far as like angles and everything and know like the degrees and the angles I have to take to get to the basket and I learn about different angles in math."

Steadman likes to give back, working with her church and with the young cheerleaders at Carver Heights, "I get to see how I used to be when I was little and I get the experience of giving back to little kids what was taught to me."

Steadman plans to study physical therapy in college and is inspired by her older brother James who played quarterback at Beach 9 years ago and went on to Morehouse College.

The current quarterback at Beach is Kenny Moore who has helped put the Bulldogs in position to make the playoffs this season in Region 1-triple-A and gets a lot out of that experience, "It's not all about football because when we get to football practice one of the most important things Coach Hawthorne says, it's not about being the best athlete, it's about being the best person."

Moore works at his community center with youngsters whenever he can.  He hopes to play football at Stetson, Middle Tennessee or Georgia Tech and works hard to make that dream come true, "Be the first one to class, the last one out of class and learn something new every day."

The Bulldogs take on Johnson Friday night at Memorial Stadium.

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