Erin Brockovich holds news conference

Erin Brockovich holds news conference

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Erin Brockovich is speaking late Friday afternoon at a news conference being held at Love's Seafood about pollution in the Ogeechee River.

She headed to Sylvania to meet residents who live along the river. She said she learned what happened to the fish from residents who told her fish and turtles looked burned and that they seeing an absence of wildlife.

I feel "like I've gotten a whole lot more information from the people because I mean they're the ones we need to be listening to because they're here experiencing the fish kills and learning that what happened to the fish," she told WTOC.

Brockovich said she and her firm have made commitment to test the Ogeechee River. So far it's only been tested by King America and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. She said she wants to see the results for herself.

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