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Erin Brockovich hears from concerned Ogeechee River community

Erin Brockovich meets with residents about pollution in the Ogeechee River. Erin Brockovich meets with residents about pollution in the Ogeechee River.

Erin Brockovich toured the Ogeechee river Friday and then met with members of the public at Love's Seafood.

Brockovich says she has received emails from citizens concerned about the discharge from King America Finishing, so she decided to come to Georgia and check it out for herself.

"I'm here to talk to the people and find out what is going on," Brockovich said.

Brockovich says she is working closely with the Ogeechee Riverkeeper to get the discharge stopped from King America.

When asked if King America knew she was in town - she responded: "I actually really wouldn't care if they did know I was out there. I said, 'Listen, no one is telling you to go away. You are choosing to do something you shouldn't be that is hurtful to the environment and people. We're asking you to do the right thing - disclose, work with the state, give us answers and clean up your mess,'" Brokovich said.

Brockovich said the next step in the process is testing the water. She has agreed to do the testing through her firm to find out exactly what is in the Ogeechee River.

Brockovich said the governmental organizations monitoring the river are understaffed and forced to rely on test results provided by King America Finishing.

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