Georgia Southern students exploring Savannah's tunnels

Georgia Southern students exploring Savannah's tunnels

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah is full of rich history, but now the city is trying to learn more about one of the oldest publicly owned structures: the tunnels sitting next to City Hall.

A couple of Georgia Southern graduate students are researching the four brick vaults dating back to 1842. It's known the structures were used for storage, but just what was stores there is a mystery.

Today was the first of several phases of solving the mystery with the GSU students using a lidar scanner to create a three-dimensional model of the vaults.

Graduate student Matthew Luke says "It actually allows for a digital preservation of the site. So if anything were to happen to the vaults we would have an exact record of how they look today.

"They are a source of great interest to Savannahians and tourists. We see people constantly coming in and they want to know what went on here," said Luciana Spracher, Director of the City of Savannah's Library & Archives.

The City of Savannah hopes to be able to positively answer that question by early next year when the project is expected to wrap up. Next week, the GSU students will begin the second phase using a ground penetrating radar.

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