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Retirees United For Our Future take message to seniors


On Thursday, a group call Retirees United For Our Future took their message, to celebrate President Barack Obama's reelection and continue his reform, to senior citizens at the Rose of Sharon.

"We need to come together as a country and we need to do what President Obama ran on, which is no more tax cuts for the richest people in this country. They need to pay their share. You know the Bush tax cuts were enacted, they didn't create the jobs that we thought they would. It is time for the wealthiest Americans to share the pain if you will," said Charlie Flemming, AFL-CIO, Retirees United For Our Future.

They also want Republican Congressman Jack Kingston to increase the social security tax on people making more money.

"Jack, scrap the cap, Jack. The cap on social security. Let it rise. Instead of 106,000 or 107,000, let it go all the way to the millions or the two millions. Whatever you make, you pay your social security on. You get more money than you know what to do with," said Philly Meyers, Retirees United For Our Future.

Kingston addressed their concerns about the very complicated process of supporting seniors and medical help and balancing the budget.  

"I think you need to go back into some of the social programs such as food stamps and some of these other programs and say look, here's where the money is, we may not like it but the money in the federal government is really in three accounts – retirement, healthcare and military. If you exempt one area, you are going to have more cuts coming out of the other areas that you don't exempt," said Kingston.

Kingston also said he wasn't invited to the rally and would have gone to answer their concerns about social security, Medicaid and Medicare before he goes back to Washington.

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