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Speeders nabbed on I-516

Officer Daniel Jones cites a driver for speeding. Officer Daniel Jones cites a driver for speeding.

Nearly 49,000 cars travel on Interstate 516 every day, according to data from the Georgia Dept. of Transportation.

WTOC's Jamie Ertle went out with a veteran traffic officer while he patrolled for speeders.

"It's dangerous out here," said Officer Daniel Jones with Savannah-Chatham Metro Police.

He admits I-516 is no easy task to patrol. He set up radar at I-516 eastbound near the Ogeechee Road exit.

Jones clocks the first speeder doing 68 mph. It's easy to catch speeders, but that's not why Jones has spent the last 10 years running radar along I-516. It's in his blood.

"My grandfather - he was a motor cop in the state of New York - so he road [a] motorcycle," Jones said.

Jones likes the work. And the reaction he gets from some drivers who are cited, may be surprising.

"I actually have a lot of people that thank me. After I give them the ticket, they thank me for giving them the ticket," he said.

Watch speeders on the interstate can be scary, but it's even scarier to get out of the patrol car to write the tickets. Jones knows all too well of those dangers.

He said he has been at the end of a traffic stop, walking to his car after writing a ticket and have drivers come awfully close.

"I'll jump in my car and go pull them over - write them a ticket for failure to move over," he said.

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