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WTOC Investigates: And the Sign Says


Big promises of weight loss, helping with credit debt and working from home, but do the signs on the side of the road deliver?

Better yet, are they even legal? 

Work From Home signs, a few years ago, were all the rage, but they've been replaced by the Erase Bad Credit lawn signs. 

They are not the only signs we found.

Single? Savannahdates.com has a sign offering help. We found the website, which appears to be a valid dating site.

Get cash for your plastic car bumper? The number on the sign we found is for a local recycling company.

Have $199? The last sign we found promises to erase bad credit for your money.

"Those signs have been around for years," Ross Howard, Better Business Bureau, told WTOC. "There are four main categories - repair your bad credit, we buy your ugly house, lose 60 pounds in 60 days and make money from home."

Howard had one of those signs already. It says "Work from Home. Earn $1,500 to $6,500 a month."

He conducted an experiment.

"I spent $250 buying a mailing list and I addressed all of these envelopes. Within one week, he got a letter from the U.S. Postal Service saying we've been made aware you are mailing out an illegal scheme," Howard said. "This is nothing more than an envelope stuffing scam."

When we called the number last week, it wasn't a job opportunity being offered anymore.

"Get relief from credit card debt," the recording said.

It was a whole new offer, so we called the number.

"Thank you for calling Christian Credit Counseling," a live person said after reaching an automated answer line.

For $50, this person on the phone will enroll you in Christian Credit Counseling.

"We were talking to a guy with other people in the room. You hear voices in the background," Howard said. "They are a phone room selling multiple things at one time."

Consumer Credit Counseling of Savannah is the only Better Business Bureau approved credit counseling organization. The promise these signs make, Howard says, will be broken.

"You just can't pay somebody money to erase your bad credit," he said. "Let's think about this. Would you really sell your house to someone who makes a sign and puts it on the side of the road? With 8 million diet programs, you really think the one on the side of the road is going to work for you?"

We pulled one sign off of Highway 17 Thursday afternoon. A Savannah-Chatham police officer got on her intercom and said, "Mr. Logana, are you stealing that sign?" Then, she gave a thumbs up.

"It's an illegal sign, right?"

She said yes.

The City of Savannah says they hate those signs, and destroy them if we they see them.

Unfortunately, replacement ones go up very quickly.

The question to ask yourself, "Would you really trust someone if they are breaking the law?"

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