InSITE--Get Grillin'!

Whatever you call it, cooking out, grilling, barbecuing, it's a great way to feed the family and friends, and have fun. The first thing I want you to do is think about safety . Relaxing, sure. But with a backyard full of kids and a lot less control, be careful. Start with one I found that's pretty extensive, from the beginning. Like taking care of your food before you get it near the grill, so you won't make your guests sick.

From there go straight to the barbecue page. They actually review lots of grills, in case it's time to replace yours. They do have an extensive collection of articles on "barbecue" itself, the slow cooked or smoked meats we can talk about, argue about, and eat for hours at a time. Here's where we get back to the backyard grill. More great articles on making great meals from that hunk a' burning charcoal. If you actually have to light it, they'll show you how. If you've never done that, start with the safety section, strong reminders about hot metal and open flames. Yes, it can be dangerous.

Let's get cookin'. Grill basics. Read Grilling 101, then move on to the specifics of things you might want to cook. Sure, there are burgers, but why not try for something that will give you a little variety. Pick chicken . Affordable, easy to work with, and almost everybody likes it. There are a lot of ways to try it. Dozens and dozens of recipes. Skim a few and pick what sounds simple to you. or just tasty. Jamaican jerk chicken is one of my favorites, I haven't tried cooking it myself, but this might just motivate me. They have some suggestions on whole meals from the grill, appetizers, all the way to desert. Yes, desert. An ice-cream - pound cake concoction that might actually work!