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If your kids spend a lot of time playing video games, I found one that sounds too good to be true, but in reality, it's even better.  The place your start should be the key, a chapter of the "Make A Wish" Foundation. They help make sick kids dreams come true. If you don't know about "Make A Wish" check out their simple goal, help very sick children and their families live a dream. It can be one bright spot to help them get through some dark times. This particular chapter is based in Northern California.

Here's where the fun starts. A young patient named Ben loves video games, and has cancer. Ben's wish was to create a video game that had players attacking cancer, and of course he wanted a cure. Make A Wish made the connection with a game designer from Lucas Arts, one of the hottest companies in the business, think "Star Wars." And they came up with "Ben's Game." The game is completely free. No cost, no sneaky surprises, and it should run on every current computer. One warning, it is a beta or test version, so there isn't any tech support. But hey, it's free.

They do offer a page of instructions , so check it out as you download and install. Follow the instructions, and play. I'm not a big gamer, but this is pretty easy to get started. I like the look, it's not real complicated, so it won't intimidate youngsters who don't play a lot of games. Remember, it was designed by a kid with leukemia to give other sick kids a way to play and get rid of stress... not stress them out about playing. So you're flying this surfboard around what looks like a half pipe park, avoiding the red splotches of disease, and trying to catch weapons and battle evil monsters... mostly the symptoms and side effects of cancer. The good news, the game is out there to play and helping kids, the best news... the nine- year old designer, Ben, is in remission, so his cancer may be cured.