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Post-election meltdowns a true sign of a divisive election?


Jobs lost. Families at war. Friends unfriending friends on Facebook.

All of those things, varying in importance, are casualties of what many are calling a divisive presidential election. 

Some call it a post-election meltdown, but contentious elections and fiery political debates are not exactly new, especially when it comes to the Presidency of the United States of America.

"In my childhood I can still remember my father saying to my mother, 'I can't believe you voted for Jimmy Carter. Raaawwwwrrr.' He blew up and stormed off and she's like, oh well, ya know? They didn't talk for weeks," Rene Keating told WTOC.

Al Christopher and Rene Keating aren't married, but the couple WTOC met on River Street in Savannah did confide they voted for different candidates for President and chose to not discuss their political views to avoid any major arguments.

Thursday, Bureau Chief Dal Cannady reported on a woman who was fired from her job at a doctor's office in Statesboro for taking her unhappiness with the election too far, posting racial slurs on Facebook.

Other people WTOC spoke to say they've seen their neighborhoods divided, friends no longer talking, and social media warfare ending in virtual friends unfriending each other.

"We just choose to not talk about it with our friends anymore," Stacey Kinley and her husband, John, told WTOC. "For some people it is very heated and a sore subject."

"I guess in any election you will have strong Republicans and strong Democrats and they have a tendency of getting verbal, shall we say," Fred Bryant told WTOC.

"I will walk away from conversations when people got too adamant about their views and try to push them on me.  I will just say I don't want to talk about this. No sense in getting into any further than. I don't want to talk about it," Keating said.

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