Editorial - 11/12/12

Goes without saying, we are a nation deeply-divided.  Divided by naïve fantasy vs. stark reality, regarding the pathway to our nation's future.  Last Tuesday, 60-million, mostly living, mostly vote-eligible citizens, stated their preference for still more government and less freedom. Collectivism, over individual liberty and achievement.  More dependence on government, with less independence for self.  That 50% of complacent voters may want to rub the fairy-dust out of their eyes, and understand more clearly what the President actually meant in 2008, when he vowed to (quote): "fundamentally transform America."  That doesn't mean free toothpaste and train rides for life. Definitionally, that means "basic" or "radical" change in governance.  Moving from our citizen-centric, democratic-republic, to an all-powerful, primarily, one-branch, central-government, one that absorbs the private-sector, and renders citizens dependent, all of which is already happening.

And a word to those day-dream-believing young people, sent from the nation's reality-free, lib-indoctrination-labs, straight to the voting booth. Government is expense. The private sector is revenue. Government doesn't create jobs or economic growth. Private businesses and corporations do.

And to all, moving forward, be prepared, not for real job growth, but the reverse, already underway, as businesses large, and especially-small, battle to hang-on financially, as irresponsible tax-hikes, defense cuts, and those onerous health insurance mandates, result in lay-offs, a shift to part-timers, more jobs sent overseas, and, sadly, more businesses closing.  So cinch-up your seat-belt, America, the ride ahead's gonna be a rough one.