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Dozens of states petition to secede from the Union


Tens of thousands of people are signing off on petitions on the White House website asking the government to allow their states to secede from the Union.

More than 30 states have petitions to become their own separate countries, and once a petition reaches more than 25,000 signatures, the White House is required to respond in some shape or form.

Both Georgia and South Carolina are well on the way to hitting that magic number, and the petitions ask for permission to "peacefully" grant the given state to withdraw from the United States of America and form its own new government.

The filings come on the heels of a petition from Texas, which already has more than 85,000 signatures.

WTOC spoke with Ray Gaster, who made national headlines for his controversial billboards criticizing President Obama. Gaster says these petitions go too far.

"The average person has 10 presidential elections in their lifetimes and this just happens to be one of those who didn't go their way. I'm not one of those, you pick up your marbles and you leave the game, when something doesn't go your way."

Not everyone is on the secession bandwagon. Several other petitions call for the White House to strip the citizenship of everyone calling for secession.

Those petitions can be found here and here.

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