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Airmen Return From Kuwait

It was a very happy day for many families of personnel with the 165th Airlift Wing. Today more than 50 Airmen returned home from Kuwait after spending more than two months there. While we know hostility toward Americans has been at an all-time high, but these Airmen say the only thing on their minds was the task at hand.

After what these airmen have been through, carrying heavy baggage in this intense heat didn't seem like much of a problem.

"It was extremely hot, very sandy and the wind blew a lot," Maj. Mark Brothers told us.

As two C-130s landed on Travis Field, families were waiting with open arms. "It's indescribable, I lost it totally," said military wife Karen Brothers.

Cheri Ennis told us, "I cried, I was so happy and relieved and glad they were home. And I want the rest of the men and women to be home as well."

Despite these happy homecomings, the increased violence and hostility toward Americans was still on these families' minds.

"We see the news over there, but we do the task, we know we're taken care of and we're proud to be there, " said TSgt. Kevin Ennis.

Karen Brothers added, "We're excited. Iraq is now free and Mark was a part of that. We were a part of that."

Today, the full House Armed Services Committee met to discuss more troop rotations for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,

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