Early Voting in Chatham County

The July primary election is two weeks away, but some people are already casting their votes. Early voting has been in place for the past two weeks, and it's not too late to take advantage of it. You can just go to the county voter registration office and cast your vote. But up until Friday, you must have a valid reason for why you are voting absentee.

"Meaning they're going to be out of town, they're physically disabled, they are 75 years of age or older, they're an election official and they have to work the polls," explained Sandra Williams, director of voter registration in Chatham County.

Then starting Monday the 12th, anyone can early vote until Friday the 16th with no excuse. This new policy has already been used twice. It's for people who just won't be able or just don't want to make it to the polls on the date of the primary.

"This time we'll probably have more because it's vacation time, the month of July, and family reunion time," said Williams.

A few things to remember before you vote in this primary election:

"There are a number of candidates in this election," said Russell Bridges of the Board of Elections.

And you have to pick either Democrat, Republican or nonpartisan.

"If you chose nonpartisan, all your going to get is the judgeship races," said Williams.

And one thing to remember in Chatham County is that some of the familiar lines have been changed. For a list of the candidates and what areas they wish to represent and who you will be voting on, check here.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com