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Editorial Salute - 11/15/12

The coastal New York & New Jersey areas, especially, sustained loss of life and major property damage, when Hurricane Sandy came ashore last month.  Regrettably, lives and electricity there have yet to be normalized, whatever normal means any more.

As residents in those impacted coastal communities either evacuated or hunkered down to ride out the hurricane, the District of Columbia was also pelted with considerable rain and high-winds.  In anticipation, government offices and most businesses closed-down as the storm zeroed-in. 

But, in addition to emergency services, there is one other organization that stayed operational to weather the storm.  As it has been, around the clock, every day of the year, no matter the weather, since 1948, the nation's sacred Tomb of the Unknowns remained fully-protected and honored, by the dedicated soldiers of the "Old Guard," the Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment, with over six-decades, now, of reverent-commitment to the memory to those enshrined there, and all those they represent.    

It's appropriate following this Veterans Day, to salute and thank those who've served our nation in uniform through the generations, as well as those currently in harm's way.  But also remembering the select, special soldiers who guard that sacred Tomb, with dignity and precision, and by so doing, provide honors-due all those buried throughout Arlington National Cemetery.  All those, who've served and sacrificed for our incredible nation, and have now passed-on to their heavenly rest.

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