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Woman says caller scammed her grandmother


An Effingham County woman says her grandmother is a victim of a scam after a man she doesn't know or hasn't met asked her to send him hundreds of dollars.

Angel Hart's grandmother has been sending money to a lottery in Canada for a little over a year. Hart says on Thursday, her grandmother received a phone call from a man who identified himself as a Michael Henry asking her for money.

Hart says the man told her grandmother to buy a Walmart Green Dot card and put $210 on it. He then asked her to read the numbers on the back of the card to him over the phone.

Hart says the man called again asking her grandmother to buy another card and this time, put $485 on the card. Hart says the man promised her grandmother a living room set, BMW and $2.5 million.

When Hart's grandmother couldn't come up with the $485, the man told her she wouldn't get the prizes. That's when Hart says her red flags went up.

"She told him she had no more money and he took everything she had. He was like you have to get the money before we can deliver the prize. She said I have no more money. He said I'm sorry I'll have to put it in storage, when do you get your social security and retirement and how much?" says Hart.

WTOC called the phone number that Henry was calling Hart's grandmother from. He tells WTOC he asked her to put money on a Walmart Green Dot card because she participated in the lottery. But Henry says he didn't ask Hart's grandmother for any more money or her personal information. When WTOC asked him where he was calling from, Henry said Hawaii.

Hart's grandmother has disconnected her phone because she says Henry is continuing to call her. She's hoping to find out who and where Henry is, and to get her $210 back.

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