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Political experts weigh in on likelihood of secession

Bruce Mallard Bruce Mallard

The election's long over and now people in more than half of the states are asking to drop out of the Union.

Georgia and South Carolina have petitions with well over 20,000 signatures each. According to political science professor Bruce Mallard, the idea of secession was pretty much abolished more than a century ago.

"There's a strong belief that the Civil War kind of settled this. Lincoln's position was this is not a club you can leave after you join."

Mallard says these petitions are the result of people being unhappy with President Obama's re-election. The "We the People" website allows anyone to create any type of petition they want, and at 25,000 signatures, the White House is required to respond.

Mallard says these petitions will most likely be referred to a White House official in that specific policy area, probably a constitutional lawyer who will explain why this won't happen. Mallard also says he doesn't think people realize just what could happen if a state were to actually leave the Union.

"Every Federal Facility would leave the state which means all military bases. I think there would be some enormous unemployment. All federal grants to Georgia would stop."

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