Editorial - 11/19/12

America's finances approach free-fall. Most immediate, we must stop the destructive tax increases and expense cuts, scheduled to hit on January.  Higher Fed taxes on small businesses, providing 2/3rds of America's jobs, will be fatal to many, causing staffing reductions for most.  And half of those spending cuts are intended to gut our military, even as radicals resurge around the world, targeting our lives and freedom. If we debilitate the strength of our military, putting America's security, and freedom's defense in jeopardy, funding social-programs ceases to be a priority.

To the White House, and Congress:  Stop the spending!  A trillion a year, over the last four, added to our stratospheric-debt; heading for another trillion in FY '13.  Excessive borrowing means ever-larger interest-payments.  Printing still-more money leads to inflation.  All threaten America's very solvency, at its worst, producing worthless currency, pulverized markets and retirement accounts, jobs gone, and citizens forced into survival mode. Related, stop squandering billions on friend-of-the-family financial grants, gambling-foolishly on blue-sky energy alternatives, yielding to-date, bankruptcies, and massive loss of tax- dollars.  If ideas are truly viable, private dollars will step-in and take them to market.  The Feds  must stay out of the growth-generating private-sector.  On that note, stop the assault on fossil fuels by the EPA's storm-troopers, especially the move to kill-off coal.  Nothing the politically-driven EPA does will change our climate, but excessive regs will suffocate American productivity and economic growth. Like it or not, our primary power-sources will long-remain oil, gas, coal, and nuclear, despite the howls of the environmental-brigade.  Time to dock the USS Fantasy and set-foot on the Land of Reality.