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Students raise awareness with anti-bullying skits


Bullying is a problem that is discussed quite a bit these days. It can be very damaging, even leading some to take their own lives. Community leaders and school officials are partnering to do their part to stop it.

"Words hurt bad and words can cut deeper than a knife," said Loraine Fess, Beaufort High School drama teacher, as she spoke to students Tuesday at Bluffton Middle School.

That's why Beaufort High School's theatre department has been performing a number of skits they came up with for middle school students in the county called When You See Something, Say Something.

"It all came about when my son was bullied on the bus and I told my students about it. They decided they wanted to do something about it," said Fess.

Through their talents, the students are showing the middle schoolers the impact words and labels can have and how every bullying incident can really weigh a person down like a backpack.

"The next time you see one of your peers calling someone dumb, stupid, ugly or worthless, tell them to chill out," Fess said to the crowd.

It's all as part of a special anti-bullying event designed to raise awareness and empower students to stand up to bullies.  The When You See Something, Say Something message seems to be getting through to these students.

"Everyone should stand up for people that are being bullied," said Dasia Lucas, Bluffton Middle School student.

"I thought it was amazing," said Jasmine Wise, Bluffton Middle School student. "I'm going to take away that everyone is beautiful and don't listen to what bullies have to say. 

Some in the drama group say by taking part in this performance, they too have become empowered.

"I was always shy and quiet but this year after talking about bullying and what to do when you are bullied, I got the strength to stand up for myself," said Meg Lacombe. "It felt great."

One by one, she and others are hoping to stop bullying.

Through a grant from Rotary International, The Rotary Club of the Lowcountry provided the students with anti-bullying reading materials, posters and book marks to help reinforce the message. The school district also handed out bracelets. 

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