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Website allows drivers to vent frustrations with other drivers


If you've ever seen something on the road that really makes you mad, you can now vent your anger online.

Deganit Ruben says her biggest pet peeve on the road is when someone stops at a red light to make a right turn, then doesn't make the turn at all.

Sheila Johnson says people who don't use their turn signal drive her crazy.

Dennis Fields can't stand when someone drives really slow in front of him, yet continues to stop.

Sound familiar? Those are just a few of the most common annoyances on the road. While some drivers swear they don't get road rage, others say it's more of a struggle.

"I try to suppress it, but I've gotten it, but I haven't acted on it," Ruben says.

Now, instead of suppressing that rage, drivers can let it all out online.

Taylor Peck is the co-founder of He says he and his business partner were driving in Los Angeles one day when they saw someone almost hit a couple of pedestrians. His logic was that you can basically refute any hotel or restaurant experience online, why not good or bad drivers.

The website allows you to pick your state, type in a license plate number and add your two cents. Motorcyclist Harold Wilson believes it's a brilliant idea because of the behavior he constantly sees on his daily commute.

Peck hopes if more and more people write reviews on other drivers, it will hold some kind of accountability. He plans to keep the website anonymous without any interference from law enforcement.

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