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Man convicted of crime behind wheel in fatal wreck

A dozen red roses now also lay off the side of the road, where the car carrying Mariah Myers and her mom, Claudia, came to rest. Loved ones briefly stopped to pay their respects. " It's heartbreaking," said David Ellison.

Ellison's lived in Eulonia for 74 years, in a neighborhood just off Highway 99. He's never seen a crash this bad." It must have been unavoidable," he surmised, " There's no skid marks anywhere."

According to the Georgia State Patrol, Tim Scott, the driver of a blue Crown Victoria, was traveling at a high rate of speed eastbound down Highway 99. Officials say Scott was passing a car in front of him, when he slammed head on into the car carrying Mariah and Claudia Myers. " We heard a big bang," neighbor Kristi Eastep described.

" I saw smoke. At first, I thought it was a bonfire," explained 13 year old Wasdon Jones, " Then I saw the Crown Victoria. The whole front axle was tore from it and the motor too." said Eastep and Jones.

According to neighbors, both cars were almost unrecognizable. Eyewitnesses say the vehicles also caught fire, right after impact. " A neighbor from down the street actually pulled one guy out, and rolled him until they put the fire out," said Eastep.

The Georgia State Patrol says Tim Scott, and his passenger, Andre Jackson, were flown to Memorial, where they remain in critical condition. David Ellison says Claudia Myers is there too. And according to Ellison's daughter, Myers just learned of her daughters death Thursday morning.

Now, all neighbors can do is try to make sense of what seems to be a senseless crash. " My heart goes out to all of them," said Eastep, " And prayers to all the families."

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