Editorial Salute - 11/22/12

For the greatest of God's blessings in your life, you need look no further than upon the faces of those seated around your table on Thanksgiving Day. Whether family or friends, or those you've just met, we can be so eternally thankful for the genuine warmth and caring of our relationships, young and old, past and present.  Relationships we can share within the freedom and relative security of our nation, unlike this time of upheaval and fear dealt with by the citizens of Israel, our great long-time ally and steadfast, island of democracy, as well as by the people of other nations in conflict around our world.

The fact that we're able to celebrate the companionship and the bounty of Thanksgiving in relative comfort, without fear, is due first, to God's grace, and secondly, to the commitment, vigilance, and sacrifice of the skilled men and women of America's magnificent military, at once, both the most powerful, and yet, most benevolent defensive force the world has ever known, or likely ever will. As you give thanks, during this special holiday time, for the blessings that surround us now, and each day, please remember America's finest, the volunteer-members of all five U.S. service branches, those deployed in harm's way, as well as all others currently serving here and elsewhere, away from home and family.  As we celebrate in joy and comfort, we give praise and thanks to Almighty God, and to all those, here and abroad, who diligently-labor to keep us secure, sovereign, and free.