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Editorial - 11/26/12

The 24-hour, news-cycle barrage forces us, perhaps on purpose, to forget about the old, and focus solely on the new.  Such is the case with Benghazi.  The news bull-horns have force-focused us on who cut the "terrorism" reference from the video-fable's talking-points, leading to a repeated, politically-crafted, causal-lie.  Such becomes the current media-enabled smoke-screen hiding the real questions to be answered.  Who continually denied repeated calls from our consulate for more security?  And on that tragic night, on whose authority were rescue forces told to "stand down"?  Who's responsible for the preventable-murder of four Americans, especially those two former-SEALS, who battled, bravely, for seven hours?   With the election looming, did political expediency make their lives expendable?  We have yet to plumb the full depth of this chilling national disgrace. 

And speaking of out-of-sight, out-of-mind, remember Army Major Nidal Hasan?  He's that American-citizen traitor, a military-officer, turned Islamic radical, who was witnessed murdering 14 and wounding 29, at Fort Hood, in June of 2009.  Now, almost 3 ½-years after that premeditated-massacre, not only is this despicable-slug still alive, imprisoned on our dime, he hasn't even come to trial yet. Adding to the insult, DoD has been ordered to label his attack, "workplace violence," instead of the terrorist-act it so obviously was. The ridiculous trial delay, and the patty-caking on the terrorism issue, smacks of  D.C.'s foolish desire to, yet again, avoid ruffling Islamic feathers, resulting only in showcasing our weakness.  Along with political correctness, enemy-pandering and compromise will be the death of our nation, if we don't drown in the debt-pool's deep-end first.

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