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Suspect in Subway shooting testifies in his own defense

Rajerick Knight in court Rajerick Knight in court

The man standing trial for gunning down and killing Travis Sentell Homes in the Subway sandwich shop in Beaufort took the stand in his own defense Wednesday

After calling the last witness to the stand, the State rested their case Wednesday and the defense began theirs.

Rajerick Knight's lawyer, Arie Bax, called a number of witnesses including law enforcement officers and Knight's girlfriend La-Shaunaka Allen. They all testifying about a drive by shooting that took place a couple of months before the murder when someone shot into Knight's home with his girlfriend and their son inside.

Allen testified she was injured during the shooting incident at their home in Burton and lost their baby she was carrying. 

Knight also took the stand in his own defense, telling the jury, Homes, the man he admits he shot and killed at Subway, was behind the shooting at his home and he was after him.

"I was scared for my life especially after the incident," said Knight. "He showed me he didn't even have remorse for his cousin or her child by trying to kill me, by shooting through my house. Everyday I woke up and thought I was going to die."

Knight went on to talk about what happened the day of the murder, saying Holmes threatened him at Subway, even though witnesses testified they never heard anything. He said after he paid for his subs and left the restaurant, he went back in.

"I didn't want to hurt the females, so I walked straight up to Mr. Holmes, the person threatening my life, and I got close to him and then I pulled the gun out and shot Mr. Holmes," said Knight.

In cross examination, Solicitor Duffie Stone questioned Knight over his involvement in a drive by shooting from a few years ago. On the stand, Knight admitted to having a lengthy criminal history and being involved with drugs. But he told the jury he was just protecting himself.

"I was very scared," said Knight. "I never did anything like that in my life. I never wanted it to come to that. I am very sorry for what happened. I never intended for it to go that far.

Authorities say after the murder, Knight cut his hair and fled to Florida, where he was later arrested.

The Defense is expected to continue their case Thursday morning, calling a doctor as their last witness. 

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