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Wendy's High School Heisman

Luke Golden of Ludowici is a young man who plays football and baseball, is an outstanding student and serves his community in many ways.

In the classroom, he likes both history and math, "I've always been interested in history because I like the medieval times and like the Crusades.  And math, I've always been good at math, my sister's a math teacher in Camden County and my dad's like really good at math, too.  It kind of runs in the family and we all get math so it's something I've always been able to understand."

Golden of Long County High School is a student of the games he plays.  He gets into both football and baseball more than just athletically. "He's a great leader, a very dynamic leader," said baseball coach Brian Thomas.  "He brings a real good sense of team to the rest of the guys.  He makes them focus on the job at hand.  He keeps the team together, keeps morale up."

Football coach Ron Flott had a similar sentiment, "If you've got good team morale, then you've got good leadership.  He is at the core of both of those setting the example of the work ethic and team morale."

That carries over the the classroom where he is an outstanding student and a leader in the classroom.  "I think Luke has always know where he wants to go with his life," said his freshman science teacher, Malinda Chancey.  "He may not have know exactly what he wants to do and I'm sure that will still change in the future. He knew he wanted to do whatever it takes to be prepared to be successful in the future."

Golden plans to go to Georgia Southern and hopefully play either football or baseball.  He loves working with his church and the booster clubs to volunteer his time to help others.  "I went recently, we had Red Ribbon Week at Smiley and I got to go down there and speak about not doing drugs and being drug free and that was really awesome," said Golden.  "The next couple of days after that we had to go help with Trunk or Treat and a lot of the kids would come up and say they remember me and that wasa  really awesome feeling."

He can't wait for spring when the baseball season begins.

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