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Raccoon tests positive for rabies

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A raccoon in Chatham County has tested positive for rabies.

The raccoon was trapped after it got into a fight with two family dogs off of LaRoche Avenue on the Isle of Hope, according to the Chatham County Health Dept.

There have been no confirmed cases of the raccoon being exposed to humans, according to the health department.  

Rabies is a virus that's largely spread by infected animals and can be fatal. The health department urges residents to avoid contact with wild or stray animals, watch for unusual behavior in their pets and wild animals and to get rabies vaccinations for pets.

Rabies symptoms in animals include a change in behavior, biting, aggression, showing no fear of natural enemies, foaming at the mouth and paralysis, according to the health department.

Anyone who is bitten by an animal should get medical care immediately and contact Chatham County Animal Control at 912.525.2408 and the Chatham County Health Department at 912.356.2160.

Tips from the Chatham Co. Health Dept. to avoid rabies:

  • Never feed wild animals - either on purpose or accident.
  • Don't attract them with trash outside.
  • Never adopt a wild animal.
  • Teach children to avoid unknown animals. Love your own, leave other animals alone – is a principle recommended by the health department.
  • Keep pets' vaccinations up to date, which is required by law.

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