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Hinesville family burglarized twice in three days


Burglars are hitting Hinesville, stealing from soldiers while they serve overseas.

Kinslie Knicely's husband is stationed in Afghanistan. While she was in West Virginia visiting relatives, burglars broke into her Court St. home.

Knicely says her house has been broken into twice over the past three days. Thieves kicked through the window to her one-year-old son's bedroom. The landlord boarded it up but last night, the burglars kicked in the boards.

Two of Knicely's neighbors, both soldier's families, say they have had their homes or vehicles broken into over the last few months.

Hinesville police say burglaries typically swing into high gear over the holidays. They say thieves are looking for anyone who isn't home and they are not specifically targeting soldiers.

"I have heard other stories of deployed soldiers. Their families have been victims of robberies, break-ins and stuff. It is so unfortunate that it happened and it makes me feel really uneasy to go back. My friends and her husband said they would move in with me until my husband got home," said Knicely.

Police say burglars try to look inconspicuous. They will knock on the front and back doors and if no one answers, they will break in. 

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