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Editorial - 12/3/12

We still await the real reason why, and under whose authority, four Americans were left to be murdered in Benghazi, when military support was less than an hour away.  Loyally serving their federal pro-left masters, the complaint national news media have now buried the Benghazi disgrace, as if it never happened, purposely turning our heads to the so-called "fiscal cliff," a deeply-troubling scenario to most Americans, with the apparent exception of our elected representatives, who continue to fiddle as, apparently, our individual and collective solvency burns. 

Playing lead fiddle, the Administration's proposal to avoid the "cliff" is irresponsible, and insulting to those diminishing few Americans whose brains have yet to melt.  It calls for $1.6-trillion in tax hikes (note to the middle class: you're included!), along with 50-billion in more stimulus dollars (spending our way to prosperity, again), and the insanity of eliminating our national debt ceilings, so the federal spend-a-thon can go on indefinitely, without the inconvenience of limits.  Now, beyond those fragrant road-apples, apparently the entire First Family plans to vacation in Hawaii at the very time America's already fragile economy may go plunging over the fiscal-falls.  Vacation is deserved, but it should wait. In this tense economic time, a chief executive's first responsibility is to be here, on-duty, protecting the well-being of America, doing everything possible to prevent us from careening, financially, onto the jagged rocks below.  Either the situation really is that dire, or the fiscal-cliff is just a fictional, political-mirage, meant only to distract and frighten those Americans still concerned about supporting their families, and hoping for an affordable retirement.

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