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1-64th Armor Regiment returns from Afghanistan

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Nearly 200 2nd Brigade soldiers returned to Fort Stewart after a nine month deployment to Afghanistan. Members of the 1-64 Armor Regiment marched across Cottrell Field to the shouts of joys from loved ones.

"It's been tough, but we're real proud. We've been able to stay in touch with him. Can't be no more proud of a grandchild," said Micky Faul as he waited.

For many families, the reunion was contained at the field. But the Coffin family added one individual reception.

Three year old Kaylee had no way to know this would be anything different from any other day at First Presbyterian Christian Academy's preschool. But just moments after recess, her father stepped through the classroom door.

"We found out what day he'd be home about a week or week and a half ago," explained Krystal Coffin about her husband's return.

Krystal took her two sons to the homecoming ceremony, but saved the school surprise for Kaylee.

"The two year old hadn't been as affected by dad being gone and the younger one wasn't born, this has been rougher on her," she noted.

"I didn't know we were going to do it this way until we were on the field today," added Sgt. Alexander Coffin. "But she's daddy's princess so the surprise for her is worth it."

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